Let’s just cut straight to the chase: this video is awesome. In an era where new artists are scrappling around for a few hundy to cut a pop promo on iMovie, to see this five minute epic play out in a mansion in the Dominican Republic, in the wide open sea, and on the back of a horse in an endless sugar cane field, is as amazing as it is surprising. It’s not a music video, it’s a mini-movie called Hombre al Agua, directed by Jay Bulger (the man responsible for Ginger Baker’s documentary Beware of Mr. Baker), and starring Rhode Island-born Marial Maher. Otherwise known as Seasick Mama and her fantastic behind (more on that later).

Soon to release her second EP, out on No Shame on November 5, Tip Top Shape is a husky cull of songs. It’s rock-leaning with bluesy undertones, and like “Man Overboard,” boasts some reggae swagger. Meanwhile, production was left in the magic hands of TOTR’s Dave Sitek, Peter Wade (one half of MNDR), and Phantom Planet’s Sam Farrar, among others.

I first met Marial a couple of years ago. I was at Soho House trying to figure out if all my loose change would add up to a $20 gin and tonic. I was hitting a new low. But then my friend Sedi arrived with a tornado of a woman on her arm. Marial’s vibe was somewhere between Heart, Brigitte Bardot, and Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. Onstage she translates her whirlwind energy into raw, magnetic performances. I was an instant fan.