Meet Seasick Mama, Indie Pop’s Resident Rule Breaker

by Bullett Magazine

There’s no better introduction to Seasick Mama than the sprawling video for her single, “Man Overboard.” Directed by Jay Bulger, the clip is quite literally an escapist fantasy that has the indie-pop songstress fleeing a captor who’s keeping her as his prisoner in a mansion-compound. Like her music, the clip is playful but also showcases darker emotional currents that elevate the work to something deeper than just a good time by the pool. Seasick Mama, who’s real name is Marial Maher, put out her second EP, Tip Top Shape, last November, and the record, which got production boosts from the likes of TV On the Radio’s Dave Sitek, Phantom Planet’s Sam Farrar, and MNDR’s Peter Wade, is worth checking out. We wanted to get to know her better, so we asked her a bunch of questions about her life, because that is what you do. 

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